New Website for the New Year!

I am so pleased to announce that after more than 10 years of being low-tech, BookEnds International now has a website! Many thanks to my dear daughter Elissa for creating it!

Please explore the site!  And send it to your foreign worker friends who might need books!

About BookEnds–is a brief intro to BookEnds
Request Books–tells how to request books
Jeanne’s Story–how my childhood book-deprived experiences inspired BookEnds
Stories & Photos–highlights a couple folks who have received books
Donate–tells how you can help BookEnds

In this blog section, I look forward to being able to share various updates over the new year.



P.S. Feel free to send me feedback at!


2 thoughts on “New Website for the New Year!

  1. Richard Hall says:

    Hi Jeanne! I’m passing along your website to some friends in Honduras. It was a blessing to meet and spend the evening dining and exploring the coastline and Monarch preserve with you and the family last week. Dana, Joy and I had a wonderful time!
    God Bless you, the family and your ministry!

  2. My name is Erica from Yap, FSM. I am so grateful for all the wonderful books we (Yap Public Library) received from Bookends. They are new and the people in our community are enjoying them. We are looking forward to receiving some more.

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