About Bookends

BookEnds International is a ministry that cares for overseas workers by giving them something they value — books for their children! In many countries English books and libraries are rare to non-existent, which makes finding appropriate books for growing children a real challenge. In remote locations books are often the primary form of entertainment, making them even more important and valued.

Being away from one’s home country for years, as well as the pressures of overseas work can make it a discouraging, lonely endeavor. Yet this type of work is so critical! BookEnds’ purpose is to encourage these hardworking families and remind them that they are loved and remembered.

Since 2003 BookEnds has sent 10,148 books to over 120 families in 58 countries. The total count for 2012 was 2554 books sent to 43 families in 15 countries! We hope to beat this record in 2013!



5 thoughts on “About Bookends

  1. booksformks says:

    This is absolutely fantastic! I have a charity doing the exact same thing (on a smaller scale), sending English books to MKs. So far I have 6 families in Honduras, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Brazil to whom I mail a few books every month. What a blessing to see that others have had the same idea!

  2. Kyle Ambrose says:

    I am so impressed. I have friends who have received books from you. What a blessing!

    • Jeanne says:

      HI, Ambrose. Just realize that I could reply to you this way. I’m not very familiar with my website, as my daughter is my website gal.


  3. suedevries says:

    This is a great ministry. WE’ve used them to send our grandchildren in Africa many books. They really try to work with family to customize what they send to fit each child. Parents love it too!

  4. suedevries says:

    By now, in 2017, I bet the total number of books sent is closer to 20,000!

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