BookEnds International delights in encouraging overseas workers by providing them with something which is often rare overseas–books in English for their children! BookEnds depends entirely on the generous donations of its supporters to offer books for free and to subsidize overseas shipping. If you would like to give to this ministry here are two ways you can do this.

1. Send a check made out to Jeanne Rodkey to:

BookEnds International
280 Big Sur Dr.
Goleta, CA 93117

(Unfortunately BookEnds is not a 501c3 charity at this time, so donations are not tax deductible).

2. Help buy specifically needed books. You can either email for current needs or buy one of the books on our Amazon Wishlist.

Thank you for supporting the ministry of BookEnds!


One thought on “Donate

  1. Lynne Adams says:

    Hi Jeanne!!! How are you and your family? I love getting your newsletter and am thrilled that you have this wonderful,practical ministry! Do you take book donations? Should I look on your Amazon wishlist to see if we have any of the requested books? We are moving and I would like to give the books we don’t want anymore to those who appreciate them!

    Lynne Adams

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