Request Books

Are you an overseas worker with limited access to books for your children? If so, BookEnds would love to send you books! Here’s how it works:

1. You email to introduce yourself and request books.

2. We send you an information form to fill out and a link to a database where you can choose books (Prepare yourself–there are over 5,000 to choose from!!).

3. Out of the books you request we put together a box to mail you.

4. We correspond with you to confirm details.

5. We send the books–The books are free!–you just pay for shipping (You pay half of overseas shipping costs, you pay all of US shipping costs).

6. Books arrive!

7. You email to let us know. (Hint: We love photos and hearing what your kids particularly enjoyed!)


One thought on “Request Books

  1. victoria cox says:

    my friend has just informed me of your ministry. I am so very excited!! thank you ! Just now my kids and I enjoyed the book reviews , it was such fun to watch other kids share their opinion .
    I will be emailing you straight away.
    blessings, Victoria

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