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My family – my husband, 5-year-old son, 3-year-old son, and me – have recently moved to Africa as workers.DSC01268 People ask me what I miss the most and if there’s anything we have need of, and BOOKS FOR THE BOYS is my first response! I want them to LOVE books, and while electronic books are quick and easy and wonderful to have, there’s just something about smelling the paper and turning the pages and being able to peek ahead at the outcome that is greatly missed when one doesn’t have a physical book in his hands. We have a very small library that we were able to ship from our last home, but having new, different books would be such a blessing.

-Kristi in Africa

As a mother of a young family, moving to a foreign country meant leaving behind many childhood essentials like zoos, museums, and public libraries. It also meant leaving behind our family’s access to literature in our language. Families like ours go where God calls knowing the obvious sacrifices it requires, but finding along the way we took for granted the details like books. When I heard about Book Ends International I was ecstatic. Here’s a major felt need of families that is being met with such abundance and care! We signed right up. Our first package arrived with more books than we could imagine and small tokens of thoughtfulness-stickers, crayons, and small toys. To a family abroad these things are treasures. We loved every book. My heart was overwhelmed with the gift given by these books. It meant time alone reading with my children books that they had never heard. It meant hours of entertainment for little ones while I managed our lives in country. It meant the ability to share with other families like ours. Books are magical. They give life. Thank you Book Ends for the hard labor and love you place in each book and package. My prayer is that you continue to have the ability to give as you are so that more families like mine can read and enjoy together the magic of books. The ministry is priceless.

-Megan in Asia


Attention all Bookends donors!  On behalf of my family of six, I would like to express a big THANK YOU for the books you have given to Bookends.  We are a very bookish family, and becoming more booky by the moment, thanks to you all.

My ten-year-old daughter finishes one free-reading book a day on average, and generally reads most of our school books before we get to them. My seven-year-old son is always poring over our science and technology books, reading to his younger brothers, and telling me something I don’t know. My five-year-old son started reading half a year ago, much to my surprise, and now reads to his younger brother while he sits on the potty.  🙂 He also traces at least one animal per day from our science books. My two-year-old son loves to ‘read’ books upside down, pointing out pictures and letters: “See, Mama, A! . . . M, Mama!  . . . E, F, G . . .” I am often commanded to “read it” as he adds his contribution to the pile of “choosing books.”

We have a hard time getting English language books in the South East Asian country where we live, so your contributions are very greatly valued. Our home library has been much enriched by Bookends, so THANK YOU for your part in that!

-Karen in Southeast Asia


One thought on “Stories & Photos

  1. sue devries says:

    YAY!!! I love this new website. Thanks John for your part in making it easier to interact and order and just know more about the whole ministry!
    –some of your greatest fans

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