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2013 End of Year Report!

bikephoto22013 was a great year for BookEnds. We sent….[drumroll, please]….3712 books to 40 families in 18 countries!

We’ve been steadily increasing the number of books sent in these last few years. In large part that’s because Jeanne’s husband, John, brought his organizational gifts to the project. John got BookEnds using the invaluable LibraryThing database and helped to revamp and streamline the book requesting process. Not to mention all the countless hours he regularly spends entering new or departing books! (He says he finds it relaxing!!!)

John has a real competitive streak and so somehow his BookEnds helping turned into a ‘race’ between the number of books sent and the number of miles he biked, in 2012. Naturally, the family thought this was hilarious and so featured it in their annual Christmas newsletter. We thought you’d like to join in the fun, so below you can read the official news story on the race! Bonus: Never before seen outtakes from the photo shoot to illustrate the article!

The Great Race


“And coming around the final bend into December … they’re neck and neck! Well, it’ s been a tight race so far, but this last stretch is notoriously challenging, with hazards like holidays and concerts to avoid … Wait, it looks like Jeanne is falling behind. Maybe the colder weather is affecting her … No, it looks like she got distracted by a bystander in need! Will she be able to catch up? It seems unlikely that she can close what is now quite an impressive lead on John’ s part, but … what’ s this? He’s slowing down … perhaps it’s another flat tire, but no …wait… I don’ t believe this!!! He’s getting off his bike to take books to the post office! What is he thinking? …and… it’ s BookEnds by a hair!”

Such were the final moments of the epic year­long race between Jeanne’s BookEnds Project and John’s Biking Commuting! In this closely watched high stakes race, which kept fans enthralled to the end, the number of books sent overseas by Jeanne were pitted against the number of miles biked by John. The race was surprisingly close: final count 2545.5 miles for John, 2554 books for Jeanne. But behind this feel­good story of good deeds and exercise lurks scandal! Observant fans noted that despite John’s notorious competitive streak, his behavior during the race was not consistent with a winning strategy. Many an evening, he was found entering book titles into the BookEnds database, helping Jeanne pack books into boxes, and even filling out customs forms. What accounts for this overly­ caring conduct? Allegations that he intentionally threw the race are under investigation, and fans kept breathless during the race are in danger of going into respiratory arrest while they await the official verdict on the sensational photo­-finish.

   BookEnds 2012 Stats: 2554 books, 15 countries, 43 families
Biking 2012 Stats: 2545 miles, 3 Bent rims, 5 Broken spokes, 13 Flat tires, 2 Tires worn out, 3 Accidents

Photoshoot Outakes!

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BookEnds Moved!


Guess what?!? BookEnds has new digs!

After spending its first couple years in Jeanne’s garage, and then several more years in the spare cupboards of Community Covenant, the BookEnds collection (some 4,000+ books strong!)  was looking for a new location. Yikes! Who would have the space to host so many books?


We are SO thankful to Montecito Covenant for generously offering us a spacious new home! For the first time ever we have a whole room to ourselves, which allows for much better organization of the books.


The books are kept in order by category and then alphabetically, which allows for them to be easily pulled when requested.


Plus we did a massive book census as a part of the move so now we’re sure that every book is actually in the database!

IMG_1598 IMG_1600

The place is roomy and light so it’s actually enjoyable to hang out in, and has a good working space to put together orders. And if any overseas families come in to town they could actually come and pick out books here in comfort! What luxury!


So many wonderful books!!!

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