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Christmas thank yous from Indonesia


Isaiah enjoys the newly arrived BookEnds package!

We often fill the little crevices in book boxes with whatever fun non-book items that will fit in those awkward spaces. This recent email from package recipients in Indonesia in shows how much of a big hit these items often are!

We were so excited to receive a box of books and goodies today! Our four year old son, Isaiah, wasted no time at all getting to the books. He took the two stuffed animals to sleep with him tonight and was thrilled to hear that yes, he can keep them forever. Thank you so much for this great ministry.

P.S. We even used the cookie cutters today and played crazy 8s waiting for the dough to chill! Thanks so much for a box full of goodies 🙂

And speaking of Indonesia, we also got this precious testimony about how much physical books mean from a mom of three in Indonesia who had just heard about BookEnds:

I got a link to your blog from a friend. I read it and started crying… I am an MK from former Zaire and I remember re-reading the stories we had over and over. Now I live with my family in the jungles of Papua, Indonesia. We chose our homeschool curriculum cause it was heavy on books and Grandma gave the kids kindles to read off of… but you are right that there is nothing like the pages of a book in your hands. While traveling off our island recently my oldest (age 9) begged for a new book in English and I told him we could look at getting it on his Kindle. He said “Ok, but I really like to hold a book when I am reading.” My husband ended up buying it without him knowing for Christmas present ’cause neither of us could argue with that.


Merry Christmas to all of our dear overseas worker families! You are precious to us! We are so glad we can remind you of your Father’s love for you in this way!

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